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  1. The Way Way Wie Were
  2. Lag trainer case study
  3. Hip and leg movements of the legends
  4. Hideki Matsuyama vs Keegan Bradley analysis
  5. Causes of stalling
  6. How to hold lag for a more powerful golf swing
  7. Ground forces in elite golf swings
  8. Weight transfer and follow-through on left side
  9. Who needs a Trackman to learn how to hit it straght??
  10. Swing analysis of Robert Allenby
  11. Rate of closure - a different point of view
  12. Rate of closure - a different point of view - part 2
  13. Heel strike with a drive/hold release: does the face close over after impact?
  14. Pop Quiz: What's the shot shape of the PGA tour player shown?
  15. Rolling v. Holding the hands to release the club
  16. Anthony Kim close up of hands through impact
  17. Steve Stricker's hands through impact
  18. Video response for Tapio: left side supination, flexion and ulnar deviation (UD)
  19. Tiger 2002 v. Tiger 2012
  20. Reading a TPI wrist graph
  21. Clubface closure rate: Adam Scott
  22. Mickelson flop
  23. What a "hip thruster" looks like from the top view
  24. Hip thrusting
  25. Subtleties of spine movements in a golf swing
  26. Carl Pettersson swing analysis
  27. Stop sign move Kaymer vs Mickelson
  28. Palmer Gainey downswing pattern
  29. Backswing thoughts: flat v. steep
  30. Shaft Gone Bad Video
  31. JB Holmes up move
  32. Marching move
  33. James Hahn golf swing analysis
  34. Does the swing begin from the ground up?
  35. Mac O'Grady v. Tiger Woods early 2000's analysis and comparison
  36. Tiger Woods golf swing under Chris Como analysis
  37. Jordan Spieth's stable hands through impact
  38. Fixing a loss of spine angle or how to stop goat humping
  39. Brandt Snedeker analysis 2012 v. 2015 changes under Butch Harmon
  40. Understanding the plane in a golf swing
  41. Jimmy Walker release stable hands at impact
  42. Lucas Glover from 2015 Humana
  43. Tiger Woods pitching problems
  44. Tiger Woods 2015 back pain theory