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  1. Segmental Sequencing of Kinetic Energy in the Golf Swing
  2. Crowe: Blame Biomechanics
  3. Biomechanics: Is the golf model too simple?
  4. Scientific Bias
  5. Geez, even a golf television commentator can see it...
  6. Convoluted thinking
  7. Peer Review of Mr. Kwon's remarks on FB
  8. What's wrong with this picture??
  9. Catastrohpe Avoided
  10. For Duffey
  11. Interesting article
  12. Questions for Duffey
  13. 4dswing data of Alex Noren and the "scientists"
  14. Roger Bartlett on Biomechanics
  15. Background to quantitative analysis
  16. Instruction by K Vest expert
  17. Letter to the Forum -- When Science meets Business
  18. When science meets pseudo science...
  19. Mike Duffey and Qualysis
  20. General Electric's Motion Detection Camera
  21. Mark Bull
  22. Tiger Woods back side view of what muscles are doing what....thoughts
  23. TPI
  24. The new world of Tension Mechanics is coming FAST.
  25. BioSwing Dynamics
  26. Scientific bias, Dr. Kwon-style
  27. Another masterpiece
  28. Professor Mike Duffey's publications...
  29. Fascinating research article...
  30. Kinetics vs Kinematics
  31. TPI: why do their players have bad backs?
  32. "Modern pitching mechanics" and the epidemic of arm injuries in American baseball
  33. From "The War of Art"
  34. Boditrak
  35. Flightscope to integrate Phantom
  36. State of the art of biomechanics
  37. Move the Middle - Kinematic Sequence - GRF
  38. Sasho post on Twitter.
  39. Calling on Dr. Kwon and other golf biomechanists
  40. Justin Thomas swing analysis by Rob Neal video