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  1. Accuracy Shots: question on wrist action and hip/leg action.
  2. Back Shoulder External Rotation
  3. Some fun news from the tour: JB's caddie Brandon
  4. Driver Back Swing,,,,How high is too high? Is there an optimal?
  5. Who needs a Trackman to learn how to hit it straght??
  6. Turning the corner
  7. At P3, why should the butt of the club point inside of the ball?
  8. How many golf sites do you visit and how many hours per week in total?
  9. To continue working on micro moves by Kelvin
  10. Robert Allenby
  11. The Truth about The Trail leg straightening in Stack and Tilt...
  12. Debut: Poor Man's Putting Board
  13. Yani v. Vicky
  14. Rate of closure
  15. Jim Hardy / Wayne DeFrancesco
  16. Video Shooting Tips
  17. Ron's swing: giving Anina and Lucas a run for their money!
  18. Pop Quiz: What's the shot shape of the PGA tour player shown?
  19. Rolling v. Holding the hands to release the club
  20. Pure
  21. Couple toe hits just for kicks.
  22. Teeace - ideal swing?
  23. Humping....interesting video
  24. Juniors having fun.
  25. Kelvin's 15 year old student John Oda ties for first, losses in playoff, at Pearl Open
  26. Robert Garrigus - Rotation
  27. How to compress the golf ball
  28. McIlroy says improved swing will work at Masters
  29. Left of Target Alignment, another Hogan Jewl...
  30. V1 and other swing analytics software options
  31. Ernie Els's Right Knee
  32. Ballstriking Paradox: Luke Donald
  33. Pat Perez swing changes?
  34. Tiger 2012 Release
  35. Gardner Dickinson
  36. David Toms - why is he so short?
  37. Scott McCarron - Grip
  38. Tiger 2002 v. Tiger 2012
  39. Tom Pernice - Grip
  40. lets talk hands
  41. Ball Striking Paradox: Lee Westwood
  42. Paul Lawrie
  43. How Biomechanists Define Movements
  44. Ernie Els, up the line video
  45. Release and clubface rotation
  46. Kelvin's March article: Losing Your Spine Angle
  47. Wrists, Arms and Shoulders
  48. Locked threads
  49. Mickelson Flop
  50. Maintaining / "Top of vertical centered axis"
  51. 3Jack on Tiger Woods
  52. Golf's "Holy Grail"
  53. Questions from a newbie
  54. How would you like to bust a 300 yard drive and be outdriven by 50 yards...
  55. Kelvin's student John Oda wins Hawaii State Amateur Stroke Play!!!
  56. Why we like right side lateral bend...
  57. Scientists catching up with Kelvin...
  58. Some updated 3Jack Golf's Advanced Total Driving Rankings
  59. What a "hip thruster" looks like from the top view
  60. Hip thrusting - new instructional video from Kelvin
  61. New Camera "Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS"
  62. jeffy: 2012 v. 2009
  63. More on clubface closure rate
  64. Dana Breaks Down "Tiger" New Swing Changes....
  65. Kelvin takes a crack at Tiger's swing changes this year compared to last...
  66. Some fun with the 9-iron...
  67. Some Burley!
  68. Back Arm External Rotation and Elbow Move Success
  69. 2012 Tiger driver swing v. 2011 pitching swing
  70. More GIF fun with Luke Donald and Tiger!!!
  71. Kelvin's April article?
  72. Anterior / Posterior Pelvic Tilt
  73. Edel wedges
  74. A quiz by Kelvin
  75. Good views of the spine on Masters Live coverage
  76. Back to the drawing board...
  77. Where to begin
  78. Foley's advice to Tiger last night on the range...
  79. Just saw a couple of interesting stats...
  80. Fred Couple Super G
  81. Another great case study by Lucas
  82. Kelvin's April article: Fixing your slice/over-the-top (OTT) swing
  83. Carl Pettersen's swing
  84. How to ruin a great golf swing
  85. Kelvin's Stop Sign Move
  86. Elbow Move = Power?
  87. What to do if left loaded on backswing
  88. Arm "Plane at the top of the backswing" after switching from Hardy's OPS
  89. Driver Length?
  90. Question on TPI
  91. Thoughts about this from Kelvin
  92. Slide or rotate the hips
  93. Golf Psychology?
  94. PGA tour top 10 long drivers of all time
  95. Stack and Tilt
  96. Ken Duke
  97. The power game on tour, and other issues..
  98. Getting some Bubba air!!!
  99. Changes coming from a one plane swing
  100. Unified theory for coaching
  101. Face angle revisited
  102. Tiger's numbers
  103. Kelvin's May Article?
  104. Sneak Peek - Kelvin's May article: Classifying PGA pros impact position
  105. Left Heel - Backswing
  106. Six year old beginner fixes her over the top move
  107. Floating Left Foot
  108. Faldo on Tiger
  109. Rory's Swing, Arm or Body Driven?
  110. Right elbow move videos from Kelvin
  111. HUNTER MAHAN: Ground Up Power
  112. Educate me on the short game
  113. Rickie Fowler Confusion
  114. Dustin Johnson - Please Ignore
  115. 7 Things All Great Players Do
  116. How close is this to the Elbow Move?
  117. Left foot after transition?
  118. Kevin Na
  119. Freddie's stretch-shorten cycle at the top of his backswing
  120. Left foot movement in transition
  121. Flip rolling release
  122. Very interesting down-the-line GIF of Lucas
  123. Another example of an unstable release at 300fps...
  124. Well, well, well...science has the answer
  125. Kelvin goes Hollywood...
  126. 600fps video of John Oda's impact
  127. Graeme McDowell
  128. Kuchar's Release?
  129. Tiger Woods driver release - 2011 v. 2012
  130. Heel strike? Toe hit? With foam balls???
  131. Rib cage rotation
  132. No Drive/Hold Here! - Joe Miller - Re/Max Long Drive
  133. Has Ryo Ishikawa been drinking the Kool-Aid?
  134. Another amazing case study by Lucas
  135. Release and ballflight
  136. Golf Simulator Technology
  137. ? on picture of my driver
  138. Backswing
  139. What does a stable drive/hold release look like close-up?
  140. Knife-Edge Striker question - Kelvin?
  141. UD - impact snap - low ball flight advice
  142. Kelvin's June article - Trunk Balance: More on how to turn your hips
  143. Kelvin's June Article
  144. hip too sqaure at impact
  145. Is this possible?
  146. thera band exercise .. any advice ?
  147. Learning from other sports
  148. An interesting video lesson by Kelvin
  149. Toe hit? Or shut-to-open?
  150. Uh, Johnny, look at this one...
  151. Beau Hossler: more Furyk than Monty???
  152. Byron Nelson's Left Knee
  153. Daly and Watson on Bubba's swing
  154. New July Article?
  155. How to Hit High Draws?
  156. More from the brilliant Tiffany Joh...
  157. Another flip-roll to drive-hold case study by Kelvin
  158. Endless knee slide case study: Lifter
  159. My Dad - Ab Drill?
  160. JB Holmes iron "rate of closure"
  161. Leg action on the downswing - before and after
  162. Golf in Layman's Terms
  163. I played great today!
  164. A small but critical difference
  165. Latanna Stone - What a Swing!
  166. David Toms: shut-to-open or just a toe-hit???
  167. Video - Swinging Left vs Swinging In Front
  168. More John Oda...
  169. Tiger Woods - Steep Wedges?
  170. Start of the downswing
  171. "Swinging Left"
  172. Duval's Impact?
  173. Arms in the backswing
  174. Lydia Ko - a woman's swing I like
  175. The Spinal Engine: Backswing and Shallowing During the Transition
  176. Right shoulder in backswing
  177. Kelvin's September article: Swing Plane, Path and other considerations, Part 1
  178. Exciting new drill by Kelvin...
  179. Vijay Singh: high rate of closure? Frank Nobilo thinks so...
  180. Deciphering Trackman on off-center hits
  181. Anti-Kinetic Chain testimonial
  182. Trackman
  183. How Dufner hits it solid
  184. Butch and Lee Westwood
  185. Flaring the right foot?
  186. Colsaerts
  187. Ian Poulter
  188. Evolving Stack and Tilt???
  189. Going for the Gold!
  190. Floating Left Heel
  191. Videos - My Driver Swing 10/6/12
  192. Video - Kelvin on Jumping
  193. Kelvin's October article: Swing Plane, Path and other considerations: Part 2
  194. Left Shoulder EXTERNAL rotation on downswing
  195. Video - Mitch McDowell's Lateral Bend
  196. Right Knee Action and Spine Engine Swing
  197. Video - Kelvin on Impact / Curvature
  198. How Trackman tries to guess impact and launch conditions
  199. Rate of Closure vs. Face/Path
  200. University of Loughborough research on the impact interval
  201. My Current Swing Thoughts
  202. Congratulations, Chris R.!!!!! Wins U.S. Kids Player of the Year 12 year old division in CT
  203. Elkington on the Release
  204. Sang-Moon Bae
  205. Butch Harmon - Strike Your Wedges Solid
  206. November Article?
  207. LPT: Vital micro move?
  208. Left hand grip
  209. Kelvin's Phoenix, Arizona Phantom Research-a-thon, December 5th through 10th
  210. Kelvin's November article: The Flight of the Bumble Bee...and Flying Golf Balls
  211. 3Jack - Uphill vs. Downhill Putts
  212. Brian Manzella Picture
  213. Jamie Sadlowski's hip rotation into impact
  214. Rate of closure: A real redux
  215. My TrackMan Experience in Arizona
  216. Jeff's New Backswing
  217. Raising the left heal
  218. Jhonny Vegas
  219. What do these three videos suggest???
  220. Progress!!
  221. Tush Line
  222. Fun with binomial probability!!!
  223. Interesting read Dr. Gabriele Wulf's book Attention and Motor Skill Learning
  224. Mitch McDowell - Extreme amounts of lateral bend.
  225. Steeper Backswing
  226. Any news on Kelvin's January article?
  227. Brian Manzella's take on 1PS vs. 2PS
  228. Flat backswing + athletic movements
  229. Hip trigger takeaway?
  230. Camera - Full Speed?
  231. Leftys
  232. An example of how digitized data can be filtered for presentation, both good and bad....
  233. Jason Kokrak's Swing
  234. Replicating Jamie's AMM3D peivic and thorax rotation data
  235. 18 Holes
  236. Tiger 2006 - Super Slo-Mo
  237. Brian Gay?
  238. Torrey!
  239. Steve Marino - Video
  240. Bud Cauley
  241. My Lesson with Lucas Wald
  242. Kelvin's latest student: Brian Manzella
  243. Timing vs. Sequencing
  244. Weight Shift
  245. Video - Sean Foley
  246. The sorry state of Nick Dougherty's game and UK coaching.
  247. Brandt Snedeker
  248. Valuable Videos
  249. Video - Padraig Harrington's slide
  250. Glossary of Biomechanical Terms, Concepts, and Units