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  1. Finney, Bman wake up and smell the coffee on 3D
  2. Stump the band at the Anti Summit 2
  3. What's going on with Tiger?
  5. Anti Summit II Headcount
  6. Stop the presses...
  7. Looking for answers from the "Answer Man"
  8. They can't even follow their own rules (not that I'm complaining!)
  9. Can this really be true???
  11. Science in action once again!!!
  12. Cause and effect
  13. Clueless
  14. Anti summit 2 Segment 1
  16. Matt Bryda's sad state of mind
  17. So, who likes "lag"? Well, Dr. Nesbit for one...
  18. Anti Summit II discussion of efficiency
  19. A golf lesson at Pine Cone Country Club
  20. Things that Brian Madzella is good at: Let's have it!
  21. Uh, Mike, wouldn't it just be easier to post your questions to Kelvin over here?
  22. What is the effect of a toe hit on clubface rotation post-impact?
  23. Trackman: When Face Angle at Impact Doesn't Mean Face Angle at Impact
  24. "HORRIBLY MISLEADING": Brian, do you really want to go there??
  25. No, Brian, you're not a "pretty big deal" anymore...
  26. This is how someone living in an echo chamber acts...
  27. So, this is progress???
  28. You call this GOING NORMAL??? Why does it look to me like FORCE ACROSS THE SHAFT?
  29. Breaking news: Out Toss is dead at the age of just five months...DEVELOPING
  30. Another RIP...
  31. What sway is that, Brian???
  32. If Brian Manzella was a tour player
  33. Gee, I wonder what could be causing that???
  34. wrong interpretation? no, just wrong information...
  35. Isn't this what you say when you have no idea what you're talking about???
  36. Golf Digest excerpt of Haney's book "The Big Miss"
  37. Better late than never...
  38. Gee, how many cups of coffee and how many sugar doughnuts did Brian have before shooting this???
  39. Manzella on "Rory's Key Move"
  40. tilting at windmills
  41. Perhaps the best post ever at Manzella's on "the science"...
  42. Coincidence or causality???
  43. The siren song of "simple" golf instruction...
  44. My father used to call this "Being wrong at the top of your voice"...
  45. A walk down memory lane...
  46. Doesn't know his own findings
  47. Gee, Kevin, remember all those rate of closure discussions???
  48. Damaged goods
  49. An explanation for David Toms's incredible shrinking clubhead speed...
  50. Martin Ayers v. Ben Hogan
  51. Secret in the Dirt: maybe it is time to stop digging???
  52. Isn't this what they all say???
  53. Ben Jackson - A Review
  54. 5 Simple Keys
  56. Is there A Longest Driver?
  57. Don't Feed the Animals Part II
  58. When will the insanity end???
  59. Up and Coming Senior Long Drive Champion...
  60. Gotham
  61. optimal and easy?
  62. Rory v. Lee and "dispersion"
  63. Imaging at a trillion frames per second
  64. Rudolf Nureyev
  65. Well isn't that interesting...
  66. Curious about Chris Welch
  67. The Phantom takes on Trackman!!! Sponsored by Flightscope...
  68. Chris O'Connell
  69. Never trusting experts
  70. It's already out there!!
  71. DVR Alert!
  72. What's wrong with golf instruction...
  73. Hogan laying it off....video
  74. Yet another win for one of Kelvin's Gold Medalists...
  75. John Jacobs, Jim Hardy and steep/shallow: coach, you are very sneaky!!!
  76. Searching/learning about what could be true versus leaning the truth
  77. Bman (and I guess Cheetham) don't appreciate what inept smoothing does to digitized data...
  78. Is Mandrin really Grober
  79. What's the difference between the Champions tour and the "real" tour? A lot, it seems...
  80. Pelvic bend and K Vest
  81. Shawn Clement's swing
  82. Tour Bound Contraption
  83. Tiger's back!
  84. The Tiger left knee myth won't die...
  85. Jeff Ritter
  86. Tiger Woods - Driver at Doral 3-9-13
  87. Sorry Mike and Bman, but it's not Hogan...
  88. Golf comedy relief
  89. So, where's the closed hip slide, Sean? Andy?? Bueller???
  90. Maybe this explains why Faldo won 6 majors and Gary McCord won squat...
  91. Is this really such a tough question??
  92. The most over-rated ballstriker in golf, by Richie Hunt
  93. Wow...don't ever get on Geoff Mangum's bad side...
  94. When the ballflight laws and gear effect fail to perform as advertised...
  95. Twitter thrust and parry
  96. Hip Slide
  97. They say plagarism is the sincerest form of flattery...
  98. Breaking news from the Trackman Maestro, Joseph Mayo!!!
  99. The Way Wie Were, Part II
  100. Video: Golf Ball Hitting Steel At 70,000 FPS?
  101. Right Sided Swing
  102. Joseph Mayo reveals the truth about the golf instruction industry...
  103. Lydia Ko might be changing coaches!!
  104. Foley on Charlie Rose
  105. Chamblee doesn't defuse Tiger situation
  106. Jamie Sadlowski Breaks Golf Channel Simulator
  107. Brandel strikes again!
  108. AoA with pitches and wedges
  109. Struggling
  110. Advanced Ball Striking
  111. Yani, a stack and tilter?
  112. Lydia signs with IMG!
  113. My vote for the all-time dumbest page in golf instruction history...
  114. IR Trainer
  115. Is there any hope for Michelle Wie?
  116. Tiger - Nicklaus like foot work~
  117. So far behind...
  118. Optimal performance vs injury risk
  119. Flighscope for free
  120. Brandel Chamblee: Forward Shaft Lean
  121. Foley interview with Kratzert
  122. Yep, Kevin, results are what count...
  123. hank haney is revealing the secret of the pros!
  124. Video: JB Holmes: Kinematic Sequence
  125. Brittany Lincicome case study
  126. History Repeating Itself????
  127. Tiger and Dr. Galea
  128. Jim McLean: What happens when you run out of ideas
  129. Chuck Cook in Golf Digest
  130. Golfing Mens Rea
  131. The R&A on Trackman and FlightScope
  132. Mike Bender on Zach Johnson
  133. Maybe he is seeing the light...
  134. Tell us about this Tiger Woods related article.
  135. Jeff Mann hides the evidence whenever he is caught red handed
  136. What should Tiger do to fix his swing.....by Top Instructors
  137. Great read
  138. Tiger's Camp Reaches Out To Butch...
  139. Rory's distance increase
  140. Beginning of the end?
  141. Definitive proof that the "mainstream" golf instruction industry is a fraud
  142. Tiger should call Kelvin or Luke
  143. Propoganda Techniques
  144. Obviously he hasn't read the articles...
  145. Barry Soetoro
  146. Mike Jacobs's "Secrets of the Elite Golf - Virtual Spine" video
  147. Wanted Kelvin on Wrx
  148. Why Academics' Writing Stinks
  149. U.S. Saturday Ryder Cup meeting turned ugly
  150. Sir Henry Cotton...
  151. Bubba's stats post G30
  152. Jessica Korda / Leadbetter
  153. Rolling shutter distortion
  154. 2D "lag angle" distortion
  155. What butch did for Tiger
  156. Ryan Winther TPI
  157. Manzella video on Excessive FATS????
  158. Alternative Hypotheses
  159. Chris Como to work with Tiger.
  160. Renowned biomechanist...
  161. Anyone ever hear of Casey Eberting?
  162. It make me sad
  163. FINALLY! Some common sense from a "scientist"...
  164. The "Answer Man's" keys to a premature fire of the lower body...
  165. When you can't win on Facebook, get the thread deleted...
  166. The Science of Art
  167. Michelle Wie: that's all, folks!!!
  168. Book review of "Swing Tips You Should Forget", a golf book to forget
  169. TrackMan Lesson
  170. Dr. Kwon and Brian Manzella teach how to do hand-clap push-ups...
  171. Dr. Kwon's 3rd Annual Open Forum presentation for "Dummies"
  172. Sean Foley on Ground reaction Force and a bunch of other hoobily goobily on Swing Catalyst..
  173. The Wrong Way To Practice Golf
  174. David Leadbetter's 'A' Swing
  175. Dr. Serge Gracovestsky responds to Jeff Mann, on Mann's forum!
  176. The Como/Mackenzie release and Tiger: how does this stuff happen?
  177. Is distance a gift?
  178. Butch takes a stab at it...
  179. Stop the insanity, Sean Foley edition...
  180. Lydia Ko Flip Extend and Slide
  181. Tim Lincecum case study: any parallels in golf that anyone can think of?????
  182. Interesting to see what the public like in impact positions
  183. From the folks who brought you "The Virtual Spine" and "Swing Tips You Should Forget"...
  184. 3 Errors - Golf Digest Style
  185. Handle Dragging is DEAD!!! Drag baby Drag!!!
  186. Sir Nick Faldo and David Leadbetter: just the facts, ma'am
  187. Wayne DeFrancesco's alleged golf media's "War on Golf Instructors"
  188. Mike Breed gets something right
  189. Well, that puts things in a different light...
  190. Talk About Golf Instruction!!!
  191. Monte Scheinblum on Sergio: credit where credit is due...
  192. Not Just In Golf - Sometimes the Pros are dead wrong
  193. Lydia Ko and David Leadbetter: the dismantling begins...
  194. So, golf instruction isn't the only field where incompetents turn to gimmickry...
  195. Sergio and the Golf Magazine cover curse...
  196. The Dismantling of Michelle Wie - The Remake
  197. The latest epidemic to strike the LPGA: Extreme RPT
  198. How Top 100 instructor view Jordan Spieth's swing
  199. Johnny Miller on the state of Tigers game from live coverage THE PLAYERS
  200. Jamie Sadlowski clinic
  201. This is a promising sign...
  202. Sheesh.....
  203. Without golf ball and with golfball!
  204. What is Handle Dragging? No Idea
  205. Tiger's back!!!
  206. DJ must have a secret...
  207. Handle Dragging - Kinematic Irony!!!!
  208. Progressive Golf Instruction
  209. The Problem with a Strong Grip
  210. Lord, give me strength...
  211. Even those who should know better can make mistakes...
  212. Tiger Woods Undergoes Second Back Surgery, Will Not Return to PGA Tour Until 2016
  213. Video: TPI's Greg Rose on long-drive swings
  214. FlightScope on Measuring Full Compression Point
  215. Tiger's future career takes another hit after a third back procedure
  216. Kelvin: "Jordan Spieth changes swing after a remarkable year 2015"
  217. Interesting reearch: belief in expertise leads to dogmatic and close-minded style
  218. A resigned Tiger Woods holds most depressing press conference of his career
  219. Yippee!
  220. Since Jeffy Lives in Manhattan, I Thought...
  221. Tiger and Butch