View Full Version : Clay Davidson: so what happened?

Jeff Martin
June 6th, 2014, 07:22 PM
So what happened ? You were a big Manzella fan before ? What made you realize he is a bullchit artist ?

I definitely improved with Brian and he helped cure my hook. But, after going on 3D and seeing what tour players do on 3D I realized that I needed to drastically change how I moved my body and get away from trying to chase numbers on Trackman. There aren't a lot of teachers who teach detailed movement and can use the correct lexicon to describe movement. I also realized that drive/hold was more about the body than the wrists and it was a short hand description for a lot of movements.

Tour players do not consistently cast and early extend and yet that is how a lot of amateurs (even high level amateurs) play this game. 3D proved this for me. Now that I know what to look for I have a new found appreciation for video. There are patterns with the best ballstrikers when it comes to how they move their bodies. If a teacher doesn't know this type of pattern they most likely will avoid teaching body movement and just stick with hands and arms to "fix" the golfer. You have a lot more than hand path!!!

Early supination of the lead wrist and side bend have done wonders for my ballstriking (combined with pitch elbow - although I suspect I'm more of a punch elbow type of guy under pressure). I never knew how "closed" the club needed to be (in relation to my prior flip roll which depends upon a wide open face) and how side bend shallowed out my angle of attack.