View Full Version : golfdad: Misadventures with the "new release"

Jeff Martin
February 1st, 2012, 11:50 PM
Well, first of all, I don't know who Jwat is and what exactly went on in his lessons, so I am not going into whether outtoss was helpful or not. I highly doubt that was the only thing he was told to work on and I highly doubt that was his only problem. Perhaps I am brainwashed by now, when in doubt, evaluate the hips and legs, first and foremost. To me, overemphasis on arm and hand is a patch for something else.

Having said that, perhaps I will share something some of you might have remembered. Sorry if it is off topic. Perhaps same topic just different angle.

Do you remember a video made by Brian and Mike in reaction to what I said partly (since my name came up in the video) and possibly to what Jeffy said or did,,,,sort like a Midnight Video or something like that?

I am not the type that go out to make people's life more miserable than it is already and I always give others the benefit of doubt. When this idea came out, first via Mike's own video and demo in which he clearly showed to unlag from the beginning of the back swing, I reacted by posting that I questioned it because that move would never work on my kids. In the Midnight video, Mike and Brian further explained their position and even asserted that this move is indeed for "everyone".

I reacted by saying, ok,,,if that is meant for everyone and since I don't know enough, I will accept it at face value for now and work on it.

After that, I continued to tell my kids to release their lag early to normalize. Good kids can be easily influenced by dads with bad ideas, let me put it this way. My older one's usual straight shots were replaced by shots with tails drifting to the left. The last tournament of the past season, for the first time in the past season, and possibly the first time in her life, she hooked continuously throughout the whole game, in an effort to normalize because dad said so. Knowing what I know now,,,she has a stall to begin with. Instead of timing a release what may work, she actively flipped...

I am not upset or bitter because life is full of lessons and this is one. It is my responsibility if I decide to receive information the way it was presented and then apply to my kids.

Looking back, I feel quite strongly that this idea or theory, supposedly supported by scientists, is yet to be fully clinically tested and my kids inadvertently enrolled themselves as study subjects because of me. Thank Confucius that my kids's level of play is decent enough to be able to handle such a turbulence, that their college prospect will not be in jeopardy. All I can say now in defense of myself is that I really meant well. I also believe no one is out there trying to screw up students. But this is a lesson for all on many levels.