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Thread: Finney posting under fake names ??? .... on MY YOUTUBE VIDEO LOL

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    Who cares , why would you want to post there ? Let them do their thing and you do yours.

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    yeah, prolly not a good idea. im sure many a people go there with the idea that they will be restrained, keep the peace, and make progress and learn something new, and that it will be a positive experience....and then end up pulling their hair out, and screaming.... then making long drive and golf match bets for thousands of dollars..... then throwing molotove cocktails through windows.....wondering when it all went downhill.

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    Look Brian is a golf instructor, no better or worse than a lot of the main guys I have seen teach and give lessons to. He has been around so he has picked up a lot of knowledge. He knows Trackman, picked up stuff from TGM, Kinetic link, the lesson tee and scientists. So have a ton of others. He for whatever reason thinks he (and his pals) are the only one that talk to the scientists,other instructors, and trainers, when in reality EVERYONE does both privately and publicly, in forums, on phone, emails, and texts. The exchange of information, ideas, and papers is flowing back and forth with everyone. Most of the guys I talk to let him do his ranting, his condensing manner, his short 4 word answers to questions, and they say thank you Brian publicly stroke his ego and chuckle privately. For the most part it is harmless, they listen, toss in their 2 cents and move on. They all know what his deal is and thats it. A lot of the real good instructors have long since stopped posting or commenting cause to be honest its not worth the time. I stopped posting a month or two ago because i am busier than shit with lessons and don't have the time to keep re hashing the same old arguments. Most of the time I just call 5 or 6 of the guys and ask them questions or talk lessons with them. I have bunch of guys (some even his "pals") who I send graphs, videos of my students to and ask there opinion and they do the same with me. I find that a lot better way to learn.

    The thing that I most notice about Brian on the Facebook forums is when pros post swings of their students and they ask for comments on a drill they are doing or what specifically they might do differently Brian very ever comments or if he does with anything of substance, never once have I ever seen him compliment another pro on a job they did with a student. Never seen him wish another pro a Happy Birthday (maybe to couple of his close friends). I sent him Happy Anniversary, Merry Christmas, birthday wishes, etc. ,never got anything back from him.

    Anyways thats my take on him, I am sure you will pick up some instruction nuggets if you spend time on his site, but you will also start to see what a lot of us saw, and that is a guy who is into tooting his own horn so loud that everyone has to pay attention to him. He jumped from being The Answer Man of TGM, when the sale fell through, he went to Snap Your Kinetic Chain, but realized soon that others had that market cornered and were way ahead of him so he couldn't make himself unique there, so now he is the the guy who is dragging us all into the new world of science. He needed a USP (Unique Selling Proposition ) to market himself or he would just be like the rest of us poor slobs. He is not on any mission to help students or fellow instructors, he is on his quest to be acknowledged by the Golf Instruction industry as he is the best (never will happen), but maybe the PGA will bestow a high honor on him, christ he has been around long enough they eventually will get to him. But as far as the real Instruction guys, he is just another one of us, no better than a lot, no worse than most.

    I have no quarrel with the guy, had a fun time with him at dinner at PGA, and hope to see him when he comes to Chicago next month. I don't get to worked up about what he says or does anymore, its just golf instruction and after spending time with a lot of great instructors, I realize I am as good as most of them and still have a lot to learn from all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coach View Post
    I have no quarrel with the guy, had a fun time with him at dinner at PGA, and hope to see him when he comes to Chicago next month.
    Sounds like Jeff!

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    Once you know where he really is coming from you just chuckle and move on. Knew and still know lots of guys like him growing up in Chicago.

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    oh im with you on that..... the only thing i was going there was to interact regarding trackman.... and their "terminology"....ive been teaching a couple people and want to learn more about whats out there. my methodology is pretty much set. i havent posted any new videos....but to be honest, my swing cant get much better either. every micro move i was missing before....i pretty much now have....and so does my buddy steve.....why? because, i found the right info and applied it..... so yeah, i spend hours daily on this stuff. literally. ive been interacting with a lot of other teachers too, and am interviewing for a teaching job at the golf dome during the winter.

    going to his forum was sort of like a semester abroad for me..... but yeah.... only to familiarize. i cant imagine learning anything new. my own personal swing (not trying to brag).... at this point is the biggest change i have ever seen ever in a before and after swing. not because its so good now.... although it is fairly good (ill be posting it soon).....but because it was so bad before. so yeah...i couldnt be happier with the methodology discussed here.

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    Go to Brians site, he has some good stuff, go to ton of other sites. I like the Sandtrap, instruction forum and member swings section. watch E.A.Tishlers things, definitely check out Tylers stuff, Andrew Rice, lots of good stuff out there.

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    I have seen EA tishlers stuff.... I like it. Most stuff is a mixed bag for me. Truth be told, I base my swing philosophy on a combination of Kelvins stuff and studying video of Lucas' students, Jaime, Tiger 2000, Dustin, Garrigus, JB, Keegan, Bubba.... and a little bit of woodland and hunter mahan depending on what I need. Kelvin deals with a lot of the body motions.... but there are a few things he doesnt cover that I feel are important. I think the takeway and back swing are much more important than we know. Going through all my different swings over the last year, I've found that I simply cannot get to a good impact position from certain backswing positions. Most good players have set themselves up for a good transition.... but I get all twisted up and disconnected for a variety of reasons. Just when I thought I'd "arrived" and was performing my new drive hold swing without thinking.... just swinging naturally.... I had a really bad range session and even shanked 6 or 7 and arow. Well, as I looked at the footage... turns out I had been leaking little by little the past few days, and had become lazy in my backswing....and put myself in a position of coming way in to out. I had to study my old footage compared to new, while at the range, and sort-of re-remember the arm, shoulder, and chest relationship that I had learned before. I fixed it by the end of the range session thankfully. It will be a while before my new swing is ingrained permanently. I'm not even sure it will hold up over the winter. I think, perhaps, after next year if I practice every day, it will be engrained. For me, the relationship between the arms, shoulders, elbows, the chest.... the muscles involved.... Is so important. Good players already have pretty "connected" (ill call it) backswings, so Kelvin can teach them his stuff and its great. But some players are a step back, and need some basics before they can start using their spine engine (or whatever you prefer to call it) correctly. Well, I should say "some basics AS they start to use their spine engine correctly. Earlier in the year, I was coming off the tush line and swinging way in to out, and was just all messed up. I have been off balance, on my toes, and sort of "falling into the shot right" all my life it turns out. Someone on here, pointed those things out, when I didn't realize it, and mentioned that I wasn't truly rotating, or truly creating an elbow move, partially because I had laterally bend without Lordosis. If you have seen "Mitch McDonnell" on youtube, the long drive guy.... Thats what it is. Its tilting right, without planting and stretching the left side of the butt, keeping a person balanced and ready to rotate..... It killed my consistency. But it wasn't that I had no idea how to turn my body right. A lot of it had to do with a poor disconnected back-swing. Thats what got my right elbow in a bad position. Once I fixed my backswing, I was able to fix my body movements the same day, for the most part.

    Anyway, I really enjoy this stuff... and never realized that pga pros dont know as much as I thought they did. We need some guys who have gone through the process of having a bad swing, and turning it into a good swing and know what it takes. A lot of guys have had good swings all their lives and dont even know how they do it. The great thing is that I can dabble part time, while I'm trying to make a career for myself in a different field.... and if things work out, I can commit full time.

    By the way, whats your name?? I'm guessing by your handle that your an instructor?

    Manzellas forum will not let me post. I tried signing up under a different name. Its been 4 days. Do you think it just takes that long before they approve it? Or do you think they recognized my name and nixed me?

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    No, your IP is probably banned.

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    well, i do find it highly unprofessional to ban me before i have ever made a post. and i will say flat-out.... that is not science. science does not run from defending its claims...... not to mention, its highly pre-preemptive because i had zero intention of arguing over there. i don't even know enough terminology to engage in debate. in fact, besides my post on jeff manns forum which was still very respectful.... i have never been a trouble maker on anyone elses forum. and if i was not up front about my name, not hiding behind anonymity.... this would not have happened. im surprised they even know my name over there.... any time people are banned more than usual, or really at all besides EXTREME cases.... it causes an immediate reaction of suspicion on my part. i am a religious person and this is certainly true with dealing with religious teachers that i find suspect. its not an indictment. but it just causes one to wonder. thats why im so adamant about stating my opinion that i hope people will not be banned here on this forum. its not necessarily an indigent if they are....but it hurts credibility in my eyes. but im concerned with the truth.... and any time someone is silenced, rather than allowing viewers the opportunity to sit back and watch a clash of ideals unfold, so that we can all get closer to the truth.... it makes me suspicious. a forum is just that... a forum. a blog or website or youtube video is a one-way conversation. forums are for dialogue.

    To Manzellas credit (i have never had a problem with him personally, and on an earlier post here I actually allude that I think he is one of the better teachers among popular golf instruction)..... he sent me a facebook message with his phone number and said that he would answer any questions that i had personally. I don't know if thats because I had questions related to trackman and to fitting that i posed on the official trackman page that we are both a part of, or if its because of this string right here....or if its a combination of the two. But if I can't ask the questions I had on his forum.... I likely will call him. Its only reasonable. If I cant post in his forums, whether or not he has knowledge of that, but is offering me an alternative of speaking to him directly.... Well, it wouldn't be right not to have a compromising attitude.

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    it does make me think twice about using my real name and partaking in some of the verbal assault we all do online. because it is exaggerated. like i said, there i things i will disagree with manzella about, however, i do think he is much better than your average pga pro. 95% of them just give terrible, regurgitated, watered down advice. at least he thinks, and tries, and is passionate. most pros have always been good at golf... have no idea how they do it, and worse, have even less idea of how to tell other people to do it. because they are such a scam, they go through the motions and despise their miserable lives. lol. ive spoken to pga pros. and they are taken back by my passion.... almost offended by it. it makes them uncomfortable. manzella is not at all like that. ill give credit where credit is do, even if im not going to be signing up for the next clinic with his crew.

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