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Thread: Just a guess??? I think not.

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    If you don't fully understand the benefits of side bend (and how the body does work for elites) to shallow out your AoA you might as well fake it and try to pull the grip off the shaft (along with extension as soon as possible) to shallow out ones's steep AoA. There are multiple moves that have to happen.

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    Lukman Ahmed Guest
    Manzella's motto has changed from "there's no such thing as bad publicity" to "it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." #Growth #NotJustTheBelly #GolfScience

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay Davidson View Post
    I agree with Brian that these are goofy hand paths. I also don't believe anyone teaches anything like this unless it was a drill to get someone to stop a massive amateur cast. I have no idea why Lexi actually swung like that in competition, however, she did it with a wedge. Isn't it interesting that both pics below show a bent/extended trail wrist???

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    Maybe Mr. Manzella's referring to this?

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    If you listen carefully to Brian's latest video you'll hear a distinct recipe to cast (alpha torque), early extend and then you better flip to shallow out that steep AoA and roll to square the face. Brian will deny he teaches such a pattern but look at the results.

    Flipping is mainly a shallowing move.

    Tour players generally do not stay on tour with a cast/flip/roll pattern.

    The cast pattern will produce better results for irons than a driver.

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    His latest straw man is steering! People steer if they don't go normal. He's also taking credit for the words "going normal." Hopefully he'll show a video of a lesson of a beginner who massively flips and goes normal too early. He can't exaggerate the force against the shaft move because that is now wrong teaching.

    His invention are the words handle dragging not going normal. Handle dragging was created exclusively by Brian M.

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    Brian has blocked me from viewing his posts on the various Facebook groups. Talk about someone seeking his own version of truth. He should be embarrassed that he's unwilling to have his posts examined by all. But he's done that frequently in the past on his own site so I'm not surprised. You don't need to be a member of the PGA to point out his rhetorical errors.

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    Lukman Ahmed Guest
    Rhetorical errors?

    It's more substantive than that.

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    Those Lexi images are fully compatible with a i) TGM swinger's action that is accompanied by an active right arm straightening action, but they are also fully compatible with a ii) right arm swinging action (which is a pushing swing technique) or a iii) right arm hitting action (which is also a pushing swing technique).

    If CD and Jeffy were TGM-literate, then they would realize that they could easily mimic Lexi's hand release action using any of those three swing techniques.

    Read more: http://newtongolfinstitute.proboards...#ixzz38GZvyeOw

    Jeff Mann at it again , problem is that it can't be a right arm swingers action lmfao

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    At least Jeff Mann tries to be detailed in his discussions unlike Brian.

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