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Thread: Bman must be pulling our leg...

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    I wonder if that means Mr Shultz has been given the treatment

    Finzella administering the "business"...

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    Lukman Ahmed Guest
    I wonder why that thread got removed.

    Your link didn't work, dooku.

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    Bad computer skills , it's the gif of Manzella trying to thrust himself up an unsuspecting bloke

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    It's OK. That thread was nothing more than a medium to get my swing more views on the internets. Not really. Weird he took the thread down, though. Or whomever took it down.

    Lesson today! Then I got invited to play some ritzy country club where I have to have a tucked in polo. I do think I've got most of it sorted, however. I hit many high draws on the range last night and only 3 hooks, but those swings felt awful. That's 3 days in a row. Maybe if I get there and I'm striping it we'll just work on little wedge shots today.

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    David -

    Brian does that all the time. I'm not sure who actually follows him anymore since I don't visit his site and he's been very quiet on Facebook (one knows when Brian posts something goofy even when you can't see his posts). He wants his followers to toe the line and if you don't toe the line you're out. In my opinion, Brian's dogmatic approach that he is correct because of his science and everyone else must be wrong is what causes the controversy with him. Plenty of guys use the same science arguments (and consult with the same scientists as Brian) but don't get into fights all the time on the internet.

    You have more than your hand path!!! You have your body and most people don't use it wisely.

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    If I were a golf instructor all I would care about was the student was actually vested in improvement. Teachers are there to promote and teach the game of golf. I do and I'm not even a teacher. I taught some 15 year old kid I just met last night how to hold the club and gave him a couple simple things to think about. He saw (and heard) me hitting next to him and asked me for help as I was leaving to go chip and putt. Before that he was slicing ball after ball. I came back after and he had started hitting his shots much straighter, higher, and further. Whether or not he retains the info, I don't care. I just care that one more person catches the bug and enjoys wacking golf balls and playing the game as much as I do.

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    This might be a good swing for you to look at.......

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    At least Manzella and crew have given up trying to label Kelvin's pattern as handle dragging. Of course, nobody truly knows what those words objectively mean on a consistent basis. I remember many posts how handle dragging was hurting tour players and how they needed to be taught out of handle dragging. Geez!!!

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    Well, I have discovered the reason for the hooking was a shut face on the takeaway. Some weird move my left wrist did and I never caught it until recently. Like some cup under thing...I dunno how to explain it but it would shut the face probably 30-40 degrees. With all that shut face I'd have to really try hard to keep anything long in the air, mainly at the expense of my back. Anyway, clubface control has been my main focus the past few days. I got all the height back on my shots, especially with my woods which has been my bane for the past year or so. Thank the Lord!

    This was from last night. Father-in-law is bad at recording swings. Still looks the same! I think...? This shot was nuked and high and straight and pure. Hence "oh mannnn."

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    opening the face is not the answer. you need slow mo man. iphone 5s..... i cant see how closed it is. i remember looking at your swing and it may have been "a tad" closed especially since your not using rotation to turn it through and keep it stable. but it was not 30 to 40 degrees too closed.... no way. maybe 10 degrees. there are no simply fixes. you can fix your hook by opening the face, and have the same swing.....but you can also swing like jaimie sadlowski or dustin johnson. i was swinging 100 mph and hitting drives about 270. and now i swing 120 and hit it 300 plus easy..... and straighter. makes getting around 7000 yard courses a cake walk.

    your swing is not similar to jaimies..... even if in 2d the arms and hands look like they are positioned similarly. im not being mean.... but you just gotta keep watching swings and you will start to see things differently. i know what your feeling. i used to look at swings and not see small things, that actually turned out to be big things....

    you have a disconnected arm drop. thats the biggest thing. its related to lateral bend.... but if you just had two halves. an upper and lower half and the club was attached to the upper half..... you could stretch the upper half behind you, turn the lower half backwards and have the whole upper unit make it all the way to the ball....

    what is this upper unit? left arm pulled across chest..... left scapula protracted.... right scapula retracted..... that whole unit needs to stay in tact. stretched out..... and then rotate underneath and to the ball by the sacrum moving backwards.....

    your swing isnt bad. but its not elite. if you shoot two over now (how difficult is the course? what is your handicap) then you can still shoot a lot better. how hard do you swing? 105? .... you can make your swing elite. just keep pressing in. read kelvins articles. WATCH SWINGS and practice moves. and it will all come together. get a slow-mo video camera at least 120 fps like the iphone 5s. this is crucial. your not gonna be able to see the subtle differences without it. also take face on and down the line and sync it together with imovie. when you see the swing in 3d and compare it to jaimies you will see a lot of differences. i take my swing from like 6 different angles to really figure out whats happening.

    it will prolly take at least 6 months. there are no easy fixes like opening the face, despite what modern instruction and golf digest would lead you to need to be willing to radically make different moves. making small adjustements with the same movements are not going to produce a different swing. you need to train new motions that are radically different.

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    Yea I know I still have work to do. I swing around 105-107 usually. I can get it faster, maybe top out at 112 but dunno where it's going. I am expecting to be working for at least a year on these things. The course I play is rated 73.3/131, with LOTS of mature trees. And regarding opening the face being an easy fix for a hook...I can't imagine being able to hit anything but a hook with a dead shut face. I'll have to record what I mean when I say 30 degrees closed. The only way to hit the ball somewhat straight was put the handle like 2 feet in front of the ball at impact at the expense of loft and my back or just stop and flip it like a pancake. But that was just the first step and I've still got work to do

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    thats really good power man. thats exactly where i was at after about 1 year of swing changes. your foundation is a lot better than mine.... a couple key moves could make the difference. they may seem really tough at times....and then one day, you may perform them and be like "really? that was it???" ..... the last 10 mph of clubhead speed i got what from using left pelvic tilt and sort of doing an "over under" ..... staying back.... but stepping left.... or tapping left with my heal.... then pushing backwards "jumping" .... but after full rotation.... zero slide. i thought i was not sliding... but i was...... it doesnt look like you are....but you are. draw the chai line on your swing and you will see that your center of gravity is forward.....

    you should buy a body blade and watch kelvins video on youtube on how to use it for lateral bend.

    like i said .... good swing. but you seem like the type who would like to have an elite swing, if indeed you deem thats possible to do. and it is believe me. u can be elite. it will all come together. watch slow motion and just really look at all the little things. ill say one thing..... that i woould work on my backswing slowly and in little pieces.... but once i got to a backswing position that i knew would set me up to make the moves...... the downswing is more of one large synced move.... to me. working on the downswing and transition in pieces never worked for me. and i cannot make an elite swing in slow motion in the mirror. only full speed. most people are opposite. there may be a ton of micromoves for transition and the downswing....but to me, it all one fluid movement. maybe practice small pieces but ultimately it has to become on fluid motion.

    one more thing. watching sadlowskis swing does not help me that much. i hate to say it. although i do love his swing.
    i have produced results from mainly studying the swings of dustin johnson, jb holmes, keegan bradley, and kelvins student "john odah" ....

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    you do realize that a strong grip and closed face is like the most basic tenant of the drive hold swing that kelvin prescribes dont you? if you cant close the face and hit it straight....that tells me what you need to work on. you may even want to try doing drills.... half swings with a closed face and try to hit it straight.

    unless you are literally twisting the face closed.... a shut face is not a bad thing.

    most dynamic swings have the driver face horizontal at the top.... and some have it even more... like ryan palmer

    what city are u in?

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    I *WAS* literally twisting it shut on the takeaway. I have a strong grip and I was able to hit it fine but that little wrist move crept in and I was never able to pinpoint what the hell it was and it drove me absolutely nuts. I am not worried about having a little shut face at the top because I do like to draw the ball, but the extent at which it was closed was just really bad.

    You didn't understand what I was struggling with: I could hit it straight just fine, but my problem was the trajectory was far too low and I was trying to hit it back up in the air again. I couldn't hit anything besides short irons. Any attempt to not hit it super low line drive would result in a vicious hook. I guess I was hitting a flip hook, but the root cause wasn't a flip hook.

    I live in Sacramento, CA.

    Whatever. Anyway. Back to work!

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    David looks from my phone internet better in the thing you and I talked about, will look later tonight , but nothing wrong with " nuked and high and straight and pure" Keep up the good work

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