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Thread: Final stages of Sofia Amoroso's swing

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    Final stages of Sofia Amoroso's swing

    Here is Sofia's latest swing. Here she is hitting a three wood.

    This is the slo mo version.

    Here is the same swing in real time.

    I realize that I'm repeating myself, but I truly believe that this swing is the result of deliberate practice with many hours of slo mo practice.

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    Congratulations to Sofia!

    At this stage you should get her seriously custom-fitted for her clubs by an independant clubfitter.

    This wood is way too long for her, probably with a too heavy moment of inertia, a bad balance point related to her dynamics, etc.

    With a custom wood, she will have a better right elbow move, and will be able to generate more clubhead speed.
    It will allow her to be more agressive and athletic, while preserving an excellent smash factor with good centered impacts on the clubface.

    Just imagine your swing if you had to move a 68 inches driver ...

    That could really help her to reach the next level.

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    Not sure about this... I had Sof hit a shorter driver, and she had less club head speed. It's not like she is 3 feet tall. So I think a 68 inch driver is a bit of an exaggeration. Let me also say that the longest club in her bag (driver) is her best club! She is long and straight with it and just loves hitting it. Many pros of today played with clubs that may have been too long for their body. The moves are what Lucas and I pay most attention to. When the moves are right, the ball goes long and straight. Jamie hits a 30 inch kid driver 300 yards. Sof can hit her driver off her knees almost 200 yards. At some point I may have her custom fit for clubs... but for now, I want her to keep up learning the moves properly. It has worked so far, and all of us are committed to that goal. The greatest athletes have the athletic moves enabling them to perform at the highest level no matter the club dimensions. In my profession, I hear how the greatest violinists in the world are able to make average instruments sound amazing! This is really not much different.

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    Of course Jamie can hit a 30 inches driver, but ask him what is his favorite club in the bag ...

    The one club that he loves, and feels that when it's in his hands he can bomb it with full pleasure and satisfaction, and plenty of confidence that he can do whatever he wants ...

    And I'm sure that the best musicians have a true love for their instruments –even if they can make sound an average instrument ...

    When I talk about custom fitting, I don't think to the seller from the local golf superstore.
    I mean more a guy like Tom Wishon or one of the very good clubmakers that work with Wishon components.

    In my mind, I think that she would be very interested if you offer her the opportunity of being fitted by an independant clubmaker / clubfitter.

    Being fitted doesn't imply necessarily buying new clubs. The idea is more to allow her to test different combinations and compare with her own clubs and see if she discovers something that she likes better.

    That can be very exciting and stimulating if she finds something she really likes. And if nothing feels better than her own clubs, then that's perfect she can be sure that she has the best equipment for her swing and that's fine.

    And that can be a very positive experience for her. It's something that you offer her, and it's another facet of the golf that you allow her to experiment by herself.

    Maybe she already has the equipment that fits her swing, but maybe not. The only way to know is to allow her to have the experience of multiple combinations of shafts, length, MOI, etc.

    And there's no doubt that she will be able to directly point what she likes from what she don't likes, and if something feels better than her own clubs or not.

    In all cases at the end you'll have an happy girl!

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    Sofia is going for a full fitting at 3PM today.

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