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    My Process

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    These were muted swings, I've been focusing on not stalling the hips. I had a great range session two weeks ago so like a dunce I overdid it and hit golf balls for 2 hours. My back was killing me for over a week, but I couldn't stay away so I hit 60 percent shots and these are those videos.

    My preferred ballflight is a cut, for many years I hit a huge high push draw and it was hard to control. In the last year, I've brought down the ballflight and turned it into a straight shot that falls off right. I've spent a lot of time studying Hogan's swing, his alleged ballflight is one I'd like very much.

    Overall, I'm very happy with where my swing is at, I'm striking the ball well, but I'd like more lateral bend and to get my right elbow into a better position before impact. I've had a very flippy release until very recently, I've been scaling it back, and I know making these changes will stabilize the release more.

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    Be careful with the immediate internal rotation of the left hip on the backswing. Your weight is staying on the left side because the left knee juts straight out. Weight actually moves left and your hips tilt down to the left from the front view. Try to keep the hips level and you need to have the right hip externally rotate as you make your backswing. The left hip goes second to internal rotation. This will get the weight moving better and then the lateral bend and right elbow move will be much easier to do as you come down. You will have so much more room to rip it! Hope this helps.

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    Thank you! I knew something was off, looking at snead and hogan it seemed the internal rotation happened later

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