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Thread: While folks like Kelvin, Lucas, Andre and Lloyd are teaching or researching, this is what the "best instructor of all time" does...

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    I just want to add that Rory McIlroy recently made a comment about when he switched to Nike and how he had to get used to the feel of manipulating the ball while it was still on the face as it was a different feel from what he was used to with his Titleist equipment. I'll see if I can find the quote and post it here.

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    Found it: Golfworld, July 28, 2014 -

    Q: Why do you prefer to play a true blade iron?
    Because I'm not expecting to have off-center hits, so I don't need as much forgiveness. The feel off a pure strike from a blade is so solid. I really find that players with high swing speeds, if you have a cavity back, it seems like the ball comes off very fast and quick. It doesn't seem like the ball stays on the clubface long enough for you to have the control you need to shape the trajectory the way you do with a blade.

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    It gets back to the brain and what we truly experience. Dr. Keefe has some interesting insights into this area. I still don't think that anyone can teach real time kinetics. I still think Johnny Miller is crazy, but as I've said before the game is meta-physical and not just physical. Very few instructors know the body and even less deal with the brain. Kinetics isn't first, it's the brain first, muscles/joints second and then the kinetics and almost immediately thereafter the kinematics. Sort of like trying to separate your heart from your body. You can't and everything works together, however, the kinetics can't be seen.

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    If the kinetics come first without movement, you could lay the club down on the ground without touching it and it would move itself to hit the ball. That's how they make it seem. To put a force into a club, your brain needs to tell a muscle to activate, which moves a joint, which then moves the joint attached to the club and then bam, a force is applied to a club! It's rocket science! And they say "the haters" hate science. The force isn't applied to the club which then moves the joint, and then activates the muscle. They are up in the night and they don't get it and they don't understand. They have no understanding on proper movement which creates the kinetics. They are just plain stupid. They are no adjectives to describe their stupidity.

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    Thats why i love reading posts by Graeme McDowell, Adam Young, Steven Yellen, and few others on Facebook. They talk more about how do we train the brain to learn. I have said it many times that is the next big golf instruction frontier. All the rest they talk about follows it.

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    Lukman Ahmed Guest

    In regards to the mind, I think intention is really important. Bradley Hughes was the first instructor I hear talk about this and I think that in order to have good technique you need to have some notion of what you're trying to do with the club and/or body--hopefully both!

    Furthermore, to really play golf you have to be able to manager fear and pressure. Tiger and Jack both love competition and always wanted to be in the thick of it.

    Last but not least, to play golf at the highest level and to have a sustainable career, time management and life management skills are really important! Jack is probably the best ever at this.

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    What scientist has proved a standard kinetic range that correlates with improving ALL AREAS OF IMPACT and not just speed? If so, what are the proven kinetic ranges and who did it? I suspect the kinetic findings so far just relate to speed and fail to account for face angle, path and centerness of hit control. Each person is different and trying to come up with kinetic ranges that should be considered standard is very difficult. All you have to do is ask the scientists and they will tell you that their work is tied to speed. None of them will tell you that their work also accounts for speed, face angle, path and centerness of hit all at once. Why? Because they can't and each person has a different brain/skill level they deal with when trying to perform motion. Adam Young had a great article that I saw today regarding the difference of skill vs. technique that relates to this topic.

    It's all a bunch of seems as if conclusions by teachers which isn't science unless you want to re-define the word science and then everyone is a scientist. Man has been afflicted with scientism for centuries. People love to hear the words science, secret and new just like they love to hear the words free money.

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    Lukman Ahmed Guest
    Please post a link to the Young article. Thanks.

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    Great golf is art, not science even though someone who examines the art can find science in the art, replicating the art is the hard part. We aren't robots no matter how hard many try to make golf about scientific golf models. That Mandrin guy was smart. 2011 he was dropping knowledge about the danger of getting caught up in scientific golf models. Use real players, not models. GEEZ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay Davidson View Post
    Great golf is art, not science even though someone who examines the art can find science in the art, replicating the art is the hard part.

    Starting at 2:32.
    It's a bit offtopic but I found it funny.

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    Interesting video, seems like the artists was a little perve though.

    Another good one:

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