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Thread: Hell hath no fury like a footwedge scorned...

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    Hell hath no fury like a footwedge scorned...

    A few years ago, before I started this site, I used to team up with Ray Vandale, aka "footwedge", and torment Jeff Mann and Brian Manzella on their respective sites. I taught Ray how to use proxy servers to get back into sites where he'd been banned, and we had a lot of fun together, going after two of the all-time biggest douche bags on the golf internet.

    When I started this site, footwedge was here from day one. Then, over time, we began to disagree on things, and his behavior became increasingly erratic and disruptive. Eventually, I had it arguing with him all the time, and gave him the boot. Ever since, I have been his target, from Ralph Perez's Gotham site, which Ray single-handedly shut down; to Richie's site, where he would regularly reappear under new screen names after repeated bannings; and now to GolfWRX, where in the fall he posted as "pick it up" and he now posts as "florida77".

    Some folks on GolfWRX have caught on to his obsession with me (note the avatar: that's me on the left, Lifter on the right):

    Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.44.00 AM.png

    Well, bph7, Ray can't come over here and discuss it, because I banned his fat ass a couple years ago, which is why he spends all his time hating on me wherever he can.

    To get an idea of what Ray, aka florida77, is really like, take a look at this pile of shit (both the swinger and the swing). I'd kill myself if that's what I looked like.

    Anyhow, one thing Ray is right about is that I rip on pretty much every instructor other than those aligned with Kelvin. The reason is simple: results; or more precisely, lack of results, by the golf instruction industry at large.

    My mantra is results are what count, results meaning swings that are both significantly longer and more accurate. At this time, as far as I know, nobody, as in nobody, has achieved the results that Kelvin and his followers have achieved. Period. End of story. If anyone disagrees with me, let's see a case study. Post it on YouTube and send me the link at If I don't post it here, call me out and discredit me all over the internet. I'm waiting.


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    A few other things I'll mention for the benefit of the GolfWRX crowd are: 1) I have twice attended two-day seminars hosted by Brian, that were a few years apart; 2) I found Brian to be an engaging, resourceful and fully committed instructor, as well as delightful dinner company; and 3) Brian was one of the two best instructors I've witnessed at dispensing "fixes" on the range that translated into immediate improvement, the other one being Jim Hardy. However, as with all such "fixes", the improvement was transitory, and soon disappeared.

    Where I think Brian (and pretty much everyone else in the industry, other than Kelvin and his followers) are not proficient is in building elite swings. Brian (and the rest) don't have the right blueprint, so they can't possibly train it. And I also doubt they would know how to effectively train the blueprint, even if they knew what it was.


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    Brian can't fix shit.. Sorry Jeff. Had lessons with him. I arrived with a wipe fade and left with a wipe fade.. 3 times!!!! Why? No lateral bend, little downswing rotation and too weak of a grip. Brian flat out sucks! End of story. Can we just never post about this bafoon again? It really is a waste of time and energy.

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    Vernon -

    The "business" might work for a beginner, but it wasn't an effective way to teach movement with me given my two lessons from him. Pull up on the shaft as hard as I can was my alleged fix and I played a pull draw. Consciously trying to pull up more on the shaft will most likely close the face quicker which is what I didn't need, I needed to fix my entire swing pattern (ex. side bend, pitch elbow, etc., removing my cast and flip to generate power.

    Jeff nailed it on the head. Brian is engaging and fun at dinner, but he has no blueprint and therefore has no ideal ranges of movement exhibited by the best players. Mandrin told him in 2011 that information from the best players is the way to go and he never went down that path.

    If someone is going to claim they are the "best in the biz" they better have a case study or not dodge legitimate questions about their teaching for years.

    I had some good ones with Footwedge concerning Tapio's nonsense. He was great at exposing Tapio's crap. Footwedge and I eventually disagreed about Brian. I tried to tell him that the 3D of tour players verifies a lot of Kelvin's teaching which prompted my change and leaving Brian.

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    The GolfWRX thread was taken down. I made the one post with regards to my dealings with Brian because another forum member asked me why I don't promote his work anymore. A large part of it is that I don't agree with his changes in philosophy (notice that is plural). But, there are other instructors that I don't agree with that I have posted their work on my blog because I think it may appeal to some people. Since Brian told me that the only reason why I promoted his work on my blog was for my own benefit to generate traffic (again, to a blog I don't make money from), I decided to nip it in the bud and he would never have to worry about me 'using' him for my own 'benefit.'

    The problems I had with Footwedge started when I said that many of the findings that were discussed in the New Release video with Mike Jacobs were things that Mac discovered 20 years ago. Not only did Finzella get furious with me, but so did Footwedge who demanded a retraction and claimed that I was trying to ruin their work.

    Eventually, footwedge PM'd me and apologized and stated that I was right. He said he went thru some old instructor videos and found one where a golf instructor was talking about some of the same concepts in the New Release video and that instructor stated he had worked with Mac on that. Footwedge even offered to upload the video for me and gave me permission to use it on my blog.

    I declined. Partially because I didn't trust Footwedge (the guy has clear psychological issues and seems to have a borderline personality disorder). But the main reason is that I didn't need any verification. I didn't imagine me driving 3 hours to see John Dochety in January 2010 to have him teach me these things in the bag room at Lakewood CC. I didn't imagine getting a lesson each month starting in September of 2010 from George Hunt. Later on, Dana Dahlquist (who has a feud with Mac) told Finzella that I was right and those findings were discovered by Mac roughly 20 years ago).

    Anyway, on Jeff Mann's forum the discussion about the New Release and Mac was brought up and I mentioned...without mentioning Footwedge's name....that a poster had contacted me with a PM stating they had a video of an instructor going over these findings and that instructor stated he learned this thru working with Mac.

    Footwedge saw it and became apoplectic over it stating that I used his PM in public. I didn't make a copy of the PM. I just relayed what Footwedge told me and didn't even use his name. This in spite of Footwedge saying he would upload the video for me.

    I tried my best to work with Brian, Finney and Footwedge, but in the end I just realized they are not worth the time and effort.


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    The thing about footwedge is I can never believe that he, in truth, likes Manzella or any of his stuff. As I said in the OP, we had a lot of fun together tormenting Jeff Mann and Bman on their sites. In fact, I think it may have been pm's I sent him that Manzella read and got me booted.

    Also, as you may remember, it was right after I got banned by Manzella that I joined your site. footwedge told me at the time that his "cousin" posted there as "tba", but, for some reason, foot didn't post there. tba was hilarious and ripped Manzella, and the "out-toss", mercilessly. Even I was impressed! Also, at that time, foot, as well as tba, would tell me how much they liked Kelvin's stuff, and how all the golfers in their family were adding right shoulder external rotation, etc., to their swings.

    Eventually, it became clear that "tba" was, in fact, footwedge, one of many aliases he used on your site.

    After our falling out, I assumed footwedge started to "support" Manzella and Jeff Mann, and bash Kelvin, as some sort of twisted revenge. At this point, I think it is hard to take anything he says seriously.


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    Who is Jeff Mann?

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    I first came across Jeff Mann in 2007 on ISG where he became a prolific poster. Despite often disagreeing with him, at least he had a scientific background and had some substance and original thought. If he said velocity, he meant velocity, not acceleration, unlike the Welch disciple he (and everyone else) use to lose their hair with.

    Jeff was an extremely painful communicator ("You said...", "You said...") and of course didn't fit in well on a general forum, especially as he was only a mid-high single figure handicap. He would do golf videos in his cycling lycra. He eventually got banned after 700 odd posts, then took off to Lynn Blake's forum where he had his own sub-forum. Then did a stint at ABS where he got banned as well. Also plagued FGI and WRX from memory. It's funny reading this thread to hear Jeffy's run ins with him.

    Sad to hear Ralph Perez's Gotham Blog shutdown for such reasons. I always thought Ralph's heart was in the right place.

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    Jeff Mann has gone the way of the Tapio. Totally irrelevant.

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