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Thread: Sofia Amoroso's most recent swing

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    Sofia Amoroso's most recent swing

    This was from the other day. Full speed driver. Straight shot (high draw)

    Recently working on staying on the chi line.

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    When it saw that video the other day, what popped into my mind was that Sofia now has the best swing in women's golf. If anyone disagrees, let's see who you like better. Of course, golf isn't golf swing, but a consistent, high club head speed golf swing, that is thoroughly ingrained, is a huge advantage.

    Awesome work Rich and Sofia! Looking forward to learning from you both at the school!


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    I love watching Sofia's swing, great work!!

    I won't be surprised if some of the swings we've looked at on this site are winning big tournaments in the future!

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    Fantastic golf swing. Really pleasure to watch.


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    Absolutely love it. Very inspiring. No wonder Sofia appears to be smiling through impact.

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