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Thread: Lucas Wald Golf Clinic

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    Lucas Wald Golf Clinic

    I helped out in Lucas Wald's clinic last weekend. Sofia also attended. I must say it was a great experience all told. The camaraderie amongst all the guys (and Sofia) was great. Seeing Victor Rodriguez hit balls was so inspiring. From top to bottom, the clinic was comprehensive and educational... even for someone like myself who has been around Lucas having been trained myself, as well as helping in Sofia's training.

    I barely get to hit balls anymore. I was recently injured, and have not hit balls since late September. However, I was able to do slo mo reps and been continuing the training.

    This swing here is full speed. The only thing I dislike is the lack of hip ext post impact. Compared to my old swing from long ago, I can say that I really have come a long way doing proper training.

    Here is my old swing.

    Here is the swing from the clinic... I demonstrated mostly slo mo reps at the clinic. This shot is one of very few that I hit while there.

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    It was great spending time with the both of you. I hope that little short game stuff helped Sofia.

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    Pleasure meeting you and Sofia on Sunday.


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    Nice meeting you too Richie!

    Here is Sofia Amoroso from today. She hit 93 on Flightscope with drives rolling out to 245.

    This was from an indoor facility in Philadelphia.

    Maxed out at 95 chs twice today. The one that that was 94 had too much spin.. resulting in less distance.

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    Our little bomber !!! Nice job Sofia

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    What is the LPGA tour average CHS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Maxwell View Post
    What is the LPGA tour average CHS?
    Name:  LPGA stats - annotated.PNG
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Size:  121.8 KB

    If Lexi had Sofia's swing, what would you guess? 110 or 115 v. 103? More?


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    Lukman Ahmed Guest
    Great stuff from Rich and Sofia. Thanks for sharing.

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