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Thread: 480fps @ 1080p on a phone!

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    480fps @ 1080p on a phone!

    I've been waiting for an Android phone to match or better the iPhone 6's 240fps @ 720p.

    Rumoured to be released quite soon too.

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    I'm not familiar with which manufacturers use the mediatek CPU's. Most high end Droids I know of use either the Samsung Exynos or Snapdragons, neither to my knowledge will go beyond 240p or even 120p in their next models. Too bad as the best total cam package usually use those chips(note 4 camera being great, but not having the high speed).

    How does it work with cameras and software, does it have to be programmed specifically to support each and every camera, right? Heard TrackMan has/will support multiple iphone cameras wirelessy at once. GoPro 4 also do 240fps and Im guessing it has larger pixels and better quality than the iPhone. .. these cameras should be amazing. 25x larger sensor area than an iphone. Coming out in May, pre-orders cheaper and discounts available of many are bought at once.

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