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Thread: It is what it is

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    Lukman Ahmed Guest

    It is what it is

    "That's it."

    That feeling.

    Capture it again. But you may lose it forever.

    The game just makes sense.

    The game just flows.

    Total immersion, subs-consciously imbued with all of the sensations of your body.

    And the mind at peace. Just feeling the serenity and sense of accomplishment at capturing the impossible.

    That moment.

    You envision how the club will work. Against the ball. Against the ground. And how the ball will work against the wind. And fly through the air. And how it will land, and bounce, and react to the undulations on the green.

    Go to 1:38 in the video. Someone find this other video...

    Tiger 2000 US Open, in his own words, something like that...

    He says something or another about "getting steep on it" and "squeezing it just right."

    He imagined that shot. Did it come off perfectly? Close, in my option. "Just right" says a lot.

    And how does one do that? Or even imagine that?

    All those pretty swings on the range all over Instagram...can they do that? That swing supposedly from a scientifically-learned instructor or someone who attended someone or another's top secret school?

    No. They can't.

    That game was built in life. By experience. By trial and error.

    And the courage to go on. And try again. Feel it. Do it. Respond to it. Move on.

    It's just a game. It's just that. Over and over.

    That re-creation of that picture.

    The one you had. The one you felt. Before the shot.

    You always do it. Sit back. Plan, imagine, and design.

    How does the club have to go to make the ball do this?

    How is the club going to work with the ground?

    How is the ball going to react to the wind?

    How will both react to this divot?

    How will the ball react on the green?

    How will you react to the outcome?

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    Have you read Rich Keefe's On the Sweet Spot: Stalking the Effortless Present? If not, I think you would like it.


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