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    Still no action for the world's greatest golf swing instructor.

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    Well, I guess it's time for me to hold up my end of the bargain and start taking down the personal stuff, but, Brian, you gave me no choice on this one. From "Brian's Bio":

    bman 2.PNG

    You can't make this stuff up...


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    Tell me it's not true, there is a rumour that a ceasefire has been negotiated.

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    I've already posted about it. We agreed at the PGA show that we'd stop the purely personal stuff and, once Brian got his new website up and running, I'd take down the purely personal threads. Taken down at least 30 so far, stored safely in the Bman Archive if hostilities resume.

    BTW, agreement doesn't apply to Finney, though. He broke the truce within hours. Human garbage.


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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    Human garbage is an insult to garbage, though a step below Jacobs...

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    Wise Guys finished, I wonder if the suckers who paid access to that forum got their money back. New forum layout is gone baby gone already, a total disaster and the forum has reverted to the old style and it is hopping with a grand total of 3 posts made besides the ones by the world's greatest instructor himself.

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    He has proclaimed himself golf's "great communicator."

    What patterns does he truly communicate????

    If Brian were to just temper the wild claims he would be a much better communicator. He is definitely passionate and loves golf.

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