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Thread: Gareth Saxon

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    Gareth Saxon

    My Name is Gareth Saxon. I play golf for UTPA in Texas, United States. I have been working on Kelvins stuff for 2/3 years now. Would totally say I'm stuck where I am at. Swinging it fast but I feel so stuck. I just came back from a tournament on a not so difficult course if you can hit it in the fairway. Really penal if your in the trees and off line and that was where I was for three days. Just no chance of scoring from a ball striking stand point.
    These are two swings from about a month ago don't have any more on my laptop in slow motion, I will put some more recent ones up as soon as I can.
    Ive spoke to Kelvin and Lucas and Andre and over the past 6 months.
    Working on getting out of rpt with plantar flexion and holding my right leg external for longer.
    Having trouble getting my body to work subconsiously.

    DTL isn't working for some reason.
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    This is what im working on swinging around 60%, just don't know how fast or slow I should be going.

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    Whats your miss been ? Whats getting you into trouble ?

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    Hooks, blocks, fats.

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    The bottom line to any golf swing is having club face control and to be able to control low point in simple terms. When you hook are we talking about with driver or all clubs ? Where is ball starting ? Right of target, at target or left of target ? How much curve? What is the ball flight trajectory ? What flight are you trying to achieve ?

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    Okay I got you, As of late hooks with all clubs 3/5 shots. Other 2 shots is a block. The driver hook is starting at the target or left of it, medium trajectory. Long irons can't even hit right now. Hooks that start at target sometimes left and are gone off the planet. Then if it isn't a hook its a block. Lots of fats. Also haven't it a fairway bunker shot solid in about a year. I don't really care about shape of the shot, i see a draw more than anything but just want to not feel so stuck and for it to go straight. I see people with way worse release styles than me hit it way straighter thats what is the most frustrating part.

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    definitely plenty of good moves there and 121 mph is a lot

    in your normal face on i see right foot pronation, and more right spine tilt than lateral bend.
    maybe that's what causes the right pelvic tilt you can't get out of

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    ? out of sync

    Doesn't anyone else think Gareth is out of sync? His upper body is too torqued to the lower body at the top and throughout downswing.

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    As a result his hips are done, finished, kaput before impact whereas Jamie is still firing through.
    I think he needs to free up the hip turn in the backswing he is currently way too restricted.
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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    I agree with Robins point (see attached). To me it looks like he has early lower extension (goat hump), hard to tell from FO view. I also agree with you Scott , which you can see in that comparison between him and Lucas swing. Since he is now playing I think he should work on controlling his ball during practice. His club face is pointing left at impact and is slightly de lofted. Without seeing him I would think his path is very in to out with a face closed to that path (starts at target or left of with curve "off the planet". That path could be the reason he has the "fats" Definitely would like to see iron and driver swings from the DTL view

    Name:  Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.56.49 PM.png
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    Oops I did not look at all the available info! The training swing with the rubber band is very interesting. Like Lloyd interested in seeing the DTL.

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    Okay sorry guys for the late reply I went to the range this morning and I had class. Heres a couple recent ones and dtl. Sorry for the camera and no slow motion I broke my camera looking for a new one.

    Thanks guys for the advice what you are saying is exactly how it feels club is so far behind me and going out to the right.

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    well lloyd in the drill he does he's really working on keeping right HIP external rotation and lift the right heel against resistance (which is a very good idea btw)
    but i wouldn't really deduce many things release related in this drill cause he seems to really work hard on those 2 things and therefore stalls flips a bit compared to his normal swing.

    but i agree yes since your Rate of closure seems low it's perhaps just a path too much right issue
    i'm sure a few moves changing the dynamic path, and perhaps even slowing down the roc could be helpfull
    maybe slighly toe contact and more UD could straight things up

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    Lot of great stuff going on in this swing. Isn't this an example where Gareth should try to "swing left," get his divots to point left and try to create pull-cuts?

    Other than that, I agree with Lloyd's point about early extension. I think Gareth is losing the tush line. His right arm also looks rather straight at impact. He might address that by trying to get his right shoulder to scrape the ground during his downswing....

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    Seems like the pelvis tilts in the backswing needs to be fixed first.

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    Hello Gareth,

    Have you noticed how Dustin Johnson or Bubba Watson play with an open stance relatively to the target?

    I suggest that you try an open stance relatively to the target, and then tell us what are the results.

    First try a big opening like 20, then reduce the opening five degrees by five degrees.

    Also you can move the ball more or less on the back foot because opening your stance will change your angles and having the ball more in front of your back foot could help.

    Don't be afraid to explore different positions to find yours

    This could solve your issue ...

    Hope that helps

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