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Thread: Jordan Spieth's stable hands through impact

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    Jordan Spieth's stable hands through impact

    Jordan Spieth's stable hands through impact


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    Speith Vs JB Holmes release pattern.

    Looking at the 2 videos it seems to me that Speith holds on to the club not allowing the club head to pass the hands until well deep into the followthough in a a very deliberate attempt to keep the club face square and under control through impact.

    If you look at the 2 driver swings when the club is about 2 feet past the left foot in the followthrough you can clearly see that Holmes has released the club more with the shaft lining up with the left arm whereas Spieth has his hands still leading. There are other obvious differences also Speith has not released the bow in his left wrist and has more bend in his left arm with the elbow moving towards the target in what people would describe as a slight chicken wing.
    It appears to me that although they both have similar looking impacts with a bowed left wrist and forward leaning shaft the intentions are different with Speith having a very deliberate attitude to controlling the club face in a drive hold attitude not letting go of control of the club past impact always keeping the hands leading but Holmes appears to me to have a totally different concept of releasing the club with a throw out free wheeling release where the shaft will line up with the left arm then pass it but this is protected by a very deliberate attempt to get the hands well ahead of the ball at impact but also with continuous body rotationn so that the club face is stable with good club face control despite a free flowing throw out release. Holmes talks about it in this video

    Is that how you Luke and Kelvin see it? Because it seems to me that Holmes release pattern is more powerful than Speith's and provided your hands are well ahead of the ball at impact and you have continuous body rotation this type of throw out is manageable and acceptable but certainly more powerful ? Does Kelvin see Holmes release pattern a better model to follow than Spieth's hold off?

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    Now wait a minute. Tour players can flex their lead wrist through impact? That is scientifically impossible.

    Here is a lead wrist graph (green line - horizontal zero line is zero/neutral with the wrists in a "ski pole" position as zero/neutral) of a tour player (not Spieth) whose lead wrist is actually flexing (bowing) up to and through impact:

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    Of course the lead wrist will eventually need to reduce flexion very rapidly and I suspect most tour players try to reduce flexion very rapidly in their lead wrist right before impact even though their wrist angle is still more flexed at impact than at setup. This pro golfer starts with 19.6* of extension and at impact has approximately 3* of extension. That means the wrist "flexed" (reduced extension - more of a bowed state) about 16* from setup to impact.

    I know people don't want to hear it, but the flat left wrist exists!!! This game is more than just trying to optimize speed. You have to be able to have speed AND CONTROL THE CLUBFACE (and path and other things) to play this game. There is a balance.

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