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Thread: Kelvin: "Jordan Spieth changes swing after a remarkable year 2015"

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    Kelvin: "Jordan Spieth changes swing after a remarkable year 2015"

    "Why after winning two majors in one year and two runner ups would you want to change your swing? Especially to open the clubface which will force him to increase his rate of closure and potentially invite a fast rolling release or worse yet a flip/roll. Stay tuned next year for what this develops into."

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    Here's a look at Spieth's ballstriking performance per event last year.

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    The charts are fairly easy to understand. 0% is the 'average' which is the baseline. Anything better than 0% is 'better than the average' anything less than 0% is 'worse than the average.'

    Typically, anything at +10% or better is considered 'good/great' and anything worse than -10% is 'mediocre/poor.'

    The Zone performance is based on Proximity to the Cup. Driving Effectiveness is an algorithm that determines a player's effectiveness off the tee by looking at Driving Distance (on all drives), hit fairway %, distance to the edge of the fairway, fairway bunker % and Missed Fairway - Other %.

    Each chart has a horizontal line that runs thru the chart. That is the 'trend line' to help us determine if the player's performance was trending upward, downward or if there was no change in performance.

    I don't know when Spieth was making changes, but it's pretty clear that his performance dipped in almost every area at the Bridgestone Championship.

    The Red Zone trend line is a bit deceptive since he hit it about as well as he had been at Firestone and TPC Boston. He was a little worse at BMW, but not too much off from previous performance. He just struck it terribly from the Red Zone at the Barclays and had a poor performance from that distance range at East Lake.

    I'm not sure if he made changes at Bridgestone or if he was trying to make changes in response to the decline in performance towards the end of the season.


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    Thanks Rich!

    New, longer analysis from Kelvin of Spieth at the HSBC:

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    After two rounds, Jordan already has a four-shot lead and it appears he's frequently hitting intentional draws. Indication that he hasn't changed his grip much if at all?

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    30-under par. Wow.

    The commentators are hilarious. Yesterday I heard one call Jordan's swing "textbook". A year ago the nicest thing they could say was "it works for him but you'd never teach that". Guess the network ordered some new textbooks.


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