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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    My name is Piyapon (Golf) Phoungjit. I'm a golf instructor here in Thailand who's trying to learn everything about golf as much as i can for couple reasons
    1. knowing what not to teach
    2. better myself
    3. effective golf lesson
    4. expanding information that i learn to others
    5. love this game

    From what i read and study from you guys make me feel like I'm 100 steps behind you guys but I'm up for it. Some of your explanation I don't understand because English is still my second language especially when it comes to technical term but I'll let you know which one. Just want to tell you guys that I really appreciate your work and will post some information that I'm not quite understand so you guys could help me out if you guys don't mind.


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    Welcome, Golf!


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    Thank you everyone.

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