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Thread: Dom's Swing Journal

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    Thanks Miles!

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    DTL after about 3 months training... getting much better!

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    Brilliant Dom, really good, your transition looks so powerful! I love this position too, poor ball!

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    Question; Whats your main focus at transition, the spine, weight transfer? What are your feelings at that point?



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    Hey miles,

    there are still a lot of points i need to conciously focus on... right now i want to get my trunk more over my legs... im too much behind/away from the ball if compared to jamie!
    My main foucs points in transition are to swing my arms under my torso as this creates a lot of right lateral bend (there is a good video on youtube from a guy who i believe is on of lucas students but im not sure..)... i also focus on getting my right shoulder externally rotated thinking im skipping a stone accross a lake... and keeping my left arm straight across my chest...
    a great swing thought for getting a ton of lag is during transition to imagine the shaft touching your right shoulder until your chest faces the target and then you release can actually try that where you lay off the shaft on your right shoulder (in transition) to get the feeling...

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