Hi everyone,

my name is Domenik, Im from Austria and 33yo. Im a former pro basketball player but after 11 surgeries decided to quit (a little too late I guess). I first touched a golf club in June 2014, play off a 14HCP now and break 80 every now and then (but then I can also shoot over 100 on a bad day) and am happy to have found this forum. During those 18 months I played a lot and unfortunately ingrained a lot of bad habits/swing faults which you can witness in my swing videos that I will upload. Im hoping this forum will help me understand the micro moves that Kelvin, Lucas Wald, Victor etc. talk about. Its honestly quite overwhelming sometimes but in the few short weeks that Im following Kelvin/Lucas I think I already learned a lot about what the body is actually supposed to do.
Some short facts about my golf swing:
Driver is about 105-106 mph
7i carry is 165 yards
3i carry is 225 yards

I wish everyone a great new years eve!
cheers, Dom