Hello my name is Chris Daly 48 & I found this site while researching some Hogan Irons, I've been playing golf since I was 21 & have had a handicap of 7 since I joined my home club Wimbledon Park in London England in 1996, before this I had a society handicap of between 3 & 9 where we used to play every week & you would get cut 3 shots for winning, 2 for 2nd & 1 for 3rd & get a shot back each time you didn't come 1st, 2nd or 3rd, it was harsh but worked.

I've always been fascinated with the game, the history, the great players & the mental side of the game, in 2010 I really started to take a bigger interest in this side of the game & have found some great insight in to what makes certain players perform so much better than others. I'm am going to develop this area & start to share what I've learned with others ( a working process )

I started playing the game with forged blades & persimmon woods & still love to hit these clubs when I can, it amazes me how players such as Jones, Vardon, Ouimet etc played the game so well with such skill using the clubs they used & on courses that were not in the condition we are used to playing today.

Looking for ward to checking out some of the great information on this site, it has a nice feel about it.