hey fellas I just had a quick question on how to limit the shoulder turn in the backswing, mainly the right shoulder. In my swing, I get the right shoulder working towards the target at the top of my swing and I believe its not allowing me to transition properly. Ive worked on quieting the shoulders and "feeling" like they're only turning halfway but I dont believe thats the answer. I have tried limiting my hip turn to see if that would help but no luck either. I've even tried sway loading way off the ball just to see what it did but I still cranked up like Rickie Fowler except I do it with a sand wedge.After watching some of the best ball strikers like AK, Hunter, Rory, Tiger, and Hogan, these guys never get the right shoulder as "cranked" as I do and I know for a fact that Im no more flexible then those guys. What do you guys think? I've tried looking into kelvin's stuff but I couldnt find much on how to limit this. Thanks ahead of time to all those who comment.