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Thread: Here's a question for Bman and Phil Cheetham...

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    I found this article on linear vs rotational hitting in baseball. It is remarkable how similar the rotational technique is to what Kelvin has identified in the best ball strikers. I especially like a quote in the article about how the linear method is being taught to everybody, while the other method is the one being used by the major league players. It seems golf isn't the only sport with it's "experts". The linear method is based on the kinetic principle with the hips stopping at impact and the wrists rolling, while the other uses the body rotation through impact to create power. Amazing how similar they look to Sadlowski!

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    Lloyd Higley Guest
    Posted about that and brought it up for discussion at Manzellas site months ago. Got no where with it other than flamed by K.S.

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    It's interesting what's going on there! What with discussions on the spine engine, Sadlowski, etc. I've seen comments and questions about certain aspects that Kelvin has answered years ago in his articles. If people would just read his articles with an open mind.....

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