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Thread: Robin swing journal

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    Robin swing journal

    been posting previous videos in the impact topics so not a good place to create a proper follow up

    hcp didn't move that much always between +1 and +2
    but purely from a ballstriking point of view it's night and day...

    stall, over the top, flip roll, a chance i'm so steep i still have shaft lean at impact...
    kind of weak low fade pattern 7 iron about 160y

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    july 2012

    a few concepts understood but not that much change still rolling and flipping a lot with a clubface way too open to change the release pattern

    april 2013

    hard push draws, lower body is better, more lateral bend but still rolling even with a stronger grip

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    july-august 2013

    discovery of the left elbow flexion cluster
    much better left shoulder Internal rotation during impact and follow through
    way less roll
    body movements need work
    straighter shots, but lower flight than earlier this year... 7 iron about 175y

    september 2013

    still working on RoC, pretty low
    release is now shut to hold to more shut, i'm not able to reopen at the moment if i try to do so it puts the whole release out of whack
    left shoulder IR is a bit spiethesque i suppose but apart from being ugly it doesn't really bother me

    weakened the left hand grip and strenghtened the right hand grip, it's a pattern that suits me better than the stronger left knife edge release i don't really understand

    weight a lot on the heels at adress, maybe a reason the tush line is hard to retain, but no excuses i do have a big problem in lower body and lack a ton of rotation
    right hip flexes then extends in transition and goes IR very soon coming out of tush line big time... left hip is a bit going along for the ride, not that much IR, but it's going ER and stays flexed through impact, not pretty to see

    lower body is giving me headaches, not able to stop the right hip action...i'd like to change for something like jordan spieth pattern or graeme mcdowell i think it's far different from what i do but it's so different maybe i'll be able to change towards this easier
    it seems like everytime i try to change the lower body - pelvis moves it puts the whole swing out of whack losing the drive hold, losing LB etc...pissed but like everything else the solution cannot be that far

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    little update
    frustrating experience
    practiced new body movements a lot but noway to perform them AND stabilise the relase.
    so back to old awfull body movements, at least release is where i want it, or very close. could UD the wrist more in follow through to stabilise even more

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    i'm starting fresh after a very calm 2014 i stopped my season in early may

    i'm focusing on macro moves
    get more PPT at setup with less knee and hip bend, giving the opportunity to get deeper instead of setting up apt/hip flex right away

    stop left pelvic tilt on the backswing
    have more left lateral bend at the top
    i take get the club and the hand a little more inside in the takeaway it's easier to avoid right lateral bend and throwing the club over me, messing up my trunk balance even more.

    very not pleased with body rotation on the downswing
    release is not optimal, not really a drive hold with all these changes i can't focus on upper body enough right now, frustrating when i look at august 2013...
    body movements were worse at the time so i should get it back once i don't have to focus so much consciously on spine engine moves

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    robin... What exactly are you looking at as far as your downswing rotation? From DTL I don't see much if any neck rising?? Backswing is way better, even to my novice eye.

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    luke you're right i do not pop up as much as i used to
    i do not fall forward in the backswing as much as i used to
    the video is very dark on youtube and V1 but on my screen just with a simple media player it's lighter and there's way less (APT-hip flexion) in the backswing

    for the rotation : i do not really see much of LPT, i am not very open at impact, with a lot of rotation occuring after impact
    and release is not where i want it to be
    i hope i'll get there someday

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    lucas regimen : full speed not allowed
    here's my saturday session

    posture is better i feel much more in front less apt, straighter legs but there's still room to cover

    concerned about the lack of rotation in transition, even though i try and march move, it looks like my left side replants very fast without much rotation

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    Hello Robin,

    That's a lot of good work

    Just a thing that I've noticed and I think should be fixed as soon as possible : there's a lack of right lateral bend during the final part of the downswing.

    Near impact, your spine looks too straight, while it should be more bent. To my mind, it's the sign that you are more rotating your arms around you than using your spine engine in order to come to impact.

    Hope that helps

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